Zero Clearance Space Heater

By | October 29, 2015

INDEECO heaters are ULListed for zero clearance to combustible surfaces. Thus, of free air space around the cooling fins extending from the heater terminal box. Disconnecting Means– All duct heater installations require a disconnecting means at or within sight of the

5700 Series Confined Space Plenum Rated Heater A E C B D F G •Easily fits between joists for typical installation. • Zero clearance for wall and ceiling mounting as well as

Greenheck duct heaters are used in forced air applications to provide dedicated space heat or to supplement • Zero clearance rating for installations into ducts • All components space temperature when heater is used as primary heating method

Gemini-xl zero-clearance by appalachian installation and operation procedures fireplace insert – freestanding mobile home models gemini patent pat.#4,607,611

2 Electric Duct Heater IOM • ©June, 2001 • Environmental Technologies, Inc. CLEARANCE • All electric heat units are ETL listed for zero clearance to combustibles.

Fireplace, zero clearance pellet stove space heater wood stove, airtight woodstove, notairtight wood furnace wood furnace add on csio solid fuel heating questionnaire cepa front left side right back shortest distance from heating unit to edge of floor pad in: backwall sidewall

Condensing Water Heater product only. 3” diameter polypropylene pipe. ONLY (only PPs can be used for Exhaust venting) Maximum vent length is based on number and type of elbows. Zero clearance to combustibles. Gasketed PP-s allows for faster, Space supports no more than 39” (1m)

Since an electric duct heater has a constant BTU/H output as long as the heater is energized, a minimum air velocity must be maintained through the heater. The electric heaters are suitable for zero clearance between the heater and combustible material.

P90 Zero Clearance Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Owners & Installation Manual Tested by: Space the stand-offs centrally, approximately 2 or 2-1/2 feet in combination with the P90 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace, have been tested and listed as a direct vent heater system by Warnock Hersey.

Clearance: Zero clearance between duct heater and combustible materials such as wood is permissible. However, adequate clear-ance must be provided around terminal box for proper ventilation and future service accessibility. 4 Ft. Min. Damper Air Flow Top of Duct Duct Heater 4 Ft.

E23192 and E53412. As such, they are suitable for installation with zero clearance to combustible When the duct heater is being used in installed at least 48" from that unit. Per NEC requirements, a minimum of 3-1/2 feet of accessible working space clearance must be provided on the

“Zero Clearance ” Direct Vent Gas space that the pipe be wrapped with an insulated mylar sleeve. This will increase the temperature of ZDV3622N Fireplace Heater Rated NG, Tempered Glass, 21,000 BTU AT 75% efficient. Approved for bedroom and mobile home.

Use Polaris water heaters for space heating without determining appropriate heat load requirements. • Zero-clearance to combustible building materials • “Plug and play” technology • Electronic immersion thermostat

Electric Water Heater INSTALLATION START-UP MAINTENANCE PARTS Everlast the heater without removing it from the space. NOTE: When installing in a zero clearance location, it may not be possible to read or

Our heaters and controls range from the simplest standard duct heater to the most sophisticated, 22 Zero Clearance Construction 23 Physical Standards Standard Duct Heaters for zero space between the duct and combustible

ULTRA FORCE ™ COMMERCIAL GAS features a small footprint and space-saving design with zero clearance, top-mounted gas and electrical controls, and the versatility of standard venting or Detailed heater status information. • Status of blower, igniter,

2 Electric Duct Heater IOM • ©June, 2001 • Environmental Technologies, Inc. CLEARANCE • All electric heat units are ETL listed for zero clearance to combustibles.

Indirect-Fired Water Heaters Series 3 PLUS Line GOlD Plus 30/40/60/80. Install boiler-to-water heater piping Combined space heating/water heating applications • Zero clearance is permissible to either side of water heater

Mantel Profiles For Zero Clearance location may be best where space is limited. Your Ventless Firebox Enclosure weighs no more than some of your fine furniture. Add the BTU/Hr of all fuel burning appliances in space. Vent-Free Heater _____BTU/Hr. Gas Water

This method to be used with the following Rinnai Inbuilt models and a Zero Clearance Box: with the heater and/or Zero Clearance kit. 1. with Heater & Zero Clearance kit. 1. Check roof space for any obstructions.

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