Yellow Space Heater

By | October 30, 2015

QUIET-ONE MAINTENANCE Models: KS 2004, KS 2006 KS 2008, LOCATING THE KICKSPACE HEATER Quiet-One 2000 Series kickspace units are designed for installation under kitchen cabinets, yellow control switch boost normal off red fan motor Internal Wiring Diagram. Title:

Side of heater. 3. Turn Manual valve clockwise to the full OFF position. 4. vert/jaune r red rouge w white blanc y yellow jaune gy gray gris or orange orange pk pink rose Was the appliance correctly sized for the space? Allow heater to cool, clean air filter, operate again.

• Free up floor space. • labor costs than installing a tank-style heater.Failed components can be replaced. When a tank leaks on a regular water heater, the whole water Check in the Yellow Pages under Water Heaters or Plumbing Contractors.

Stick the Yellow Shipping Tag with the Model and Serial Number from the replacement unit here or write the serial number in the space provided. Replacement Heater Information Model Number Serial Number Replacement Date (mm/dd/yyyy) WATER HEATER CLAIM FORM • Claims must be submitted

Stick the Yellow Shipping Tag with the Model and Serial Number from the replacement unit here or write the serial number in the space provided. Replacement Heater Information Today’s Date: (mm/dd/yyyy) _____ Leaking Tank Information End User Name Street Address

1 Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting Manual WARNING There are a number of live tests that are required when fault finding this product.

space heaters HeaTeR PaRTs PART 1318600 Braemar D45/55 Fan Rocker Switch PART 1318800 2001 Space Heater Radiant PART 1319214 Rinnai 2001 Control Knob PART 2500318 Rinnai (Yellow Dot 40MJ Part 1319116) PART 1319117 Vulcan Two Speed Fan Switch PART 1319128

DO NOT use this water heater for space heating, combination space heating/ domestic water heating, or commercial water heating applications. 3) The Rinnai Water Heater is not suitable for use in pool or spa applications.

¾Do not use this space heater in an explosive atmosphere. Keep heater away from areas where gasoline or other flammable liquids or vapors are stored. The smell of gas in conjunction with extreme yellow tipping of the burner flames 2. The heater does nor reach temperature. 3.

The Choice of Professionals Heater air flow must be directed parallel to, or away from, adjacentwalls. 3. 11365 240 3332 20 13.9 BLUE&YELLOW 8533 240 2500 15 10.4 BLUE,YELLOW&RED 12799 208 3750 25 18.0 NONE 10659 208 3123 20 15.0 BLUE

• All electrical panels must have adequate working space in front of, L3 Blue Step 3 Orange Negative Yellow N White Step 4 Brown Positive Blue Ground Green Fan Output Black TUTCO HEATERS, ALL POWER MODULES | | TUTCO HEATER INTERFACE | • Install the ammeter on the line

Cross Reference Guide Bradford White..N/A DH-1-504T6BN American Water Heater..PR6 40 XODS DVG62-50T42-NV ..American Water Heater..PR6 50 XODS DVN041

Space heater capacity is selected, depending on the size of the enclosure, to maintain the temperature within the motor approximately 5o to 10o above the ambient temperature. The only space heater currently in use for NEMA frame motors is a flexible type.

Vent-Free Gas Log Heater MODEL: PCD18T PCD24TD are considered a part of the unconfined space. This heater shall not be installed in a confined space or unusually tight construction unless provisions are provided for white powder residue 1. Turn heater off when using furniture polish,

Kick Space Heater Low-profile fan-forced heater that provides comfort in places where space is limited (i.e. under-counter, stair riser etc.). Features § Single model offers flexible wattage output Color – Black or White Airflow – 80 CFM

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