Vented Propane Space Heater

By | October 30, 2015

PROPANE/LP GAS LOG HEATER CGG2618P, CGG3324P(T), and CGG3630P Thermostat and Add the Btu/Hr of all fuel burning appliances in the space. Vent-free heater _____ Btu/Hr Gas When used as a vented heater, appli-

Properly locate the furnace within the space to be heated. 2. Provide for adequate combustion air, ordinances which apply to the installation of a vented room heater. propane at 10.5-inches manifold pressure and factory-sized orifices. If

Liquid Propane PORTABLE SPACE VENTED HEATERS SPECIFICATIONS •Simple lever change from propane to natural gas •May be ducted up to 50 feet 20 second pre-purge time delay and 7 second shutdown •Protects heater by shutting down if unit is being overfired

Propane & Natural Gas PORTABLE SPACE VENTED HEATERS SPECIFICATIONS •Protects heater by shutting down if unit is being overfired •Protects heater by shutting down if voltage is too low •Automatically cycles the heater hi/lo

Code Compliance Guideline: Portable Heaters Fairfax County, VA 3 of 4 Publication Updated: August 27, 2015 PORTABLE ELECTRIC SPACE HEATERS General Regulations.

GAS-FIRED POWER VENTED UNIT HEATERS PROPELLER & BLOWER MODELS MODEL HD MODEL HDB MODEL PDP MODEL HD MODEL BDP negative pressure within space, etc After the cause of the blower type unit heater . (BDP model) J .12 . Propane conversion kit for converting natural gas units to

Vent-Free Gas Infrared space Heater Printed in China PC-MEL110-01D-0708 Questions about installation, operation, or troubleshooting? Before returning to your retailer, call

Combustion air, the combustion appliance zone must be vented to outdoors or opened to a larger interior space. Gas-Fired Vented Space Heater (natural gas : or propane) Gas-Fired Water Heater (natural gas or : propane) Oil-Fired Furnace, Boiler,

POWER VENTED GAS WATER HEATER This manual should be kept with the water heater. Special Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant System: introduced into potable water used for space heating. 3. This water heater must not be connected to an existing heating system or

Power Vented Water Heater NATURAL GAS AND LIQUID PROPANE GAS Model Number Suitable for Water (Potable) Heating and Space Heating Toxic chemicals, such as those used for boiler treatment, shall NEVER be introduced into this system.

vent-free propane heater. These appli-ances are self-contained (no vent or flu to the outside), are silent and require space, we decided our heater would be freestanding, attached and set up dur-ing winter and detached and stored in a

Any use other than space heating. This heater is for Indoor Installation and Model Btu/hr Exchanger Heater Part Natural Gas Propane Gas warrants to the original owner at the original installation site that the Sterling Model Infrared Heater will be free from defects in material

Energy Saver Gas Water Heater The Manufactured Home Models feature: NATURAL GAS AND LIQUID PROPANE GAS Manufactured Home Energy Saver Models Meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1b vented directly to the outside by means of the roof jack.

Space Heater Safety: Using Kerosene and Propane . EEM-00253. y Indoor air pollution caused by improper vent- Propane Space Heaters. y Propane is a cleaner fuel than kerosene. When burned, it emits ultralow emissions of carbon monoxide.

Suitable for potable water heating and space-heating* * Please refer to local codes for the fan and burner causing damage to the water heater. 10. For the 110 Indoor (T-KJr2-IN), 310 Indoor (T-K4-IN • A proper sidewall termination is recommended when the water heater is vented through

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