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By | October 30, 2015

space as the water heater? If so, has a return air duct system been attached that exits the room? If so, check for leaks on the air duct system. If no air duct system is present, correct immediately by contacting a local Heating, Ventilation, Air-

Before using heater, pro-vide at least a three-square-foot opening of fresh, outside air for each 100,000 Btu/Hr of rating. Hot Surface Ignition Models Service Manual Heater Model BTU Pump Nozzle Nozzle Motor Motor Motor Ignitor Control Fuel Hot Air AMPS

Ener-Radiant XL is a suspended heater. Therefore, its stability, flexibility, and safety are very important. THIS SPACE IS INTENTIONALLY BLANK Section 5 Venting / Ducting 24. Section 18677 Rev. A 8/05 FIGURE 15: Common Roof Venting

QUARTZ HEATER WHOLE ROOM RADIANT ELECTRIC HEAT INSTRUCTION MANUAL WARRANTY INFORMATION W.B.Marvin Manufacturing Co., the manufacturer, warrants to original purchasers of their electric heaters that Marvin heaters shall be free from

Should not be used as space heating boilers, general purpose water heaters, or for heating salt water pools and fish ponds. Hayward Pool Heater Certificate of Limited Warranty Limited heater warranty: TERMS AND COVERAGE: We warrant our pool

Conversion instructions—Natural Gas to LP Gas If your gas supply is LP gas, your water heater can be converted to burn LP gas as follows: 24 WARNING: This conversion kit must be installed by a qualified installer or service technician in accordance with these

CAUTION – FOR YOUR SAFETY Vent-Free Gas Wall Heater Blue Flame WARNING:This appliance is equipped for (Natural and Propane) gas. Field conversion is not permitted

For More Tips and Helpful Videos Visit or Call The Toll Free Number on Your Water Heater HotWater101: Installing a Thermal Expansion Tank

heater (1500 watts x 4 hours x.001) x .1196kwp = .71 cents) NOTE: Because the (LO) or EnergySmart® Setting does not require as much electricity to operate, they are more energy efficient and

Why Add a Tank to a Tankless Water Heater? Instant water heaters save energy and offer endless hot water, but not without some problems. No floor space required. Because the water-heating system is so compact, it can fit comfortably in a crawlspace.

Introduction 4│Page INTRODUCTION i *This diagram lu str a enk water heater design concepts only and does not accurately represent to the water heater’s physical

Tankless Water Heaters INTEGRINTEGRATATED HOME COMFORED HOME COMFORT T Tankless electric water heaters offer • Complete install without removing the cover • Easy water connections using 1/2-inch compression fittings • Lightweight

• Do not install water heater on carpeted floor. • Do not operate water heater if flood damaged. Fire Hazard WARNING STORAGE OF FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS Flammable liquids (such as gasoline, solvents, propane (LP or butane, etc.) and other substances (such as

Tankless Gas Water Heaters See our tankless on line: Replacing a tank type water 1heater? Here are things you should know about

For More Tips and Helpful Videos Visit or Call The Toll Free Number on Your Water Heater HotWater101: Installing a Thermal Expansion Tank

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