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By | October 21, 2015

Using a portable electric space heater is one of the most expensive ways to heat your home. At today’s prices, electric heat costs five times as much per BTU

Space Heater Recommendations . OSEH Fire Safety Services does not recommend specific makes/models of portable space heaters for use on campus, but we do have the following guidelines for any heaters that are used:

space heaters to be listed and labeled, heater must pass without creating a risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons. category is ANSI/UL 1278, “The Standard for Safety for Movable and Wall- or Ceiling-Hung Electric

November 2008 • Space heaters must be UL approved. A label will be attached to the heater cord. • The plug must be equipped with a polarized A.C. (alternating current) having one

January 2000 REV JAN 2010 Portable Space Heater Fire Regulations Despite the fact that electric space heaters do not have an open flame, according to the National

Portable Electric Heater Safety Requirements for Office and Home . As the cold weather approaches, employees may tend to utilize portable electric heaters.

Space Heaters . The University recognizes that individuals have different levels of comfort associated with Any space heater used must be currently UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved. 4. Approved space heaters must be fan driven.

PORTABLE SPACE HEATER REQUIREMENTS (Before using a space heater contact maintenance to report problems with the building heating system.) 1. Any space heater used must be UL or FM approved and must be labeled

Department of Environmental Health and Safety 1 PORTABLE SPACE HEATER POLICY PURPOSE To set forth the policy for approved uses and specific prohibitions of portable space

Office of Compliance Safety and Health FAST FACTS Examples of Improper Space Heater Usage To the right is an image of an improperly utilized space

Proper Use of Heaters Using a portable space heater properly requires careful placement and monitoring: • Space heaters should be kept away from

Portable space heaters can pose a major workplace fire safety hazard. The user of a space heater is responsible for any hazard or fire code violation created as a result of unauthorized or ♦ The equipment is UL (Underwriter Laboratories) approved for the use for which it is

Outfitted, if required, UL or FM approved with tag/marking visible, be of the proper gauge and equipped with a ground and surge protection. Never attempt to replace parts or repair an electric space heater. Follow the manufacture's recommended procedure for repairs. 9. 9.

Guidelines For The Use of Space Heaters . difficult to heat than others. In areas where this problem exists the temporary use of electric space heaters may be Space heaters must not take more than 110 volts. • Any space heaters used must be UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved

Portable electric space heaters shall bear a UL listing label. F. Any portable electric space heater found to be in poor operating condition, damaged, or used improperly, Approved portable electric space heaters are only

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