Space Heater On While Sleeping

By | October 30, 2015

Loss Prevention Safety Tips This is the number one cause of space heater fires. ‐ Do not leave the heater operating unattended or while sleeping.

AIR HEATERS OWNER’S MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS • Never use heater in living or sleeping areas. WARNING: Never service heater while it is plugged in, operating, or hot. Severe burns and electrical shock can occur. WARNING: High voltage!

PoRTable heaTeR feaTURes heater enter the heated space. This appliance is rated at 98% combustion efficiency, but does While heater is operating, turn relief valve clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease. Use flat

CPSC Stresses Kerosene Heater Safety outside sleeping areas, and inside bedrooms. Although kerosene heaters are very efficient while burning fuel to produce heat, low levels of certain pollutants, such as carbon monoxide

The truth about electric space heaters If it seems too good to be true, • Select a space heater with a guard around the heating element. their electricity bills as low as possible while maintaining comfort.

Electric Space Heaters Fact Sheet CPSC Document #098 THE STATISTICS the heater should be placed from combustible materials, and for how far the unat-tended or operating while sleeping. Portable electric air heaters

Space Heater Parts, Inc. 586 Keldon Court Valparaiso, IN 46385 Never use this heater in living or sleeping 2. RISK OF BURNS/FIRE/EXPLOSION! NEVER refill the heaters fuel tank while heater is operatingoris still hot. : Hot while in operation.

UNVENTED (GAS LOG) ROOM HEATER INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ♦ Do not leave this appliance operating while unattended or while occupants are sleeping. as an unconfined space or if the building is of unusually tight construction,

The heater is designed for use as an infrared patio heater in direct communication with the vapor space of the cylinder. The • Do not operate heater while sleeping or leave heater unattended. • Keep children and animals away from heater. • Never move,

OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR, OXYGEN CYLINDER • Never smoke while using your oxygen concentrator. (stove, space heater, radiator, fireplace). Do not store on or near a heater, or any enclosed space. • Never use grease or oil on oxygen equipment.

NEVER LEAVE THE HEATER UNATTENDED WHILE BURNING! 2. ASSEMBLY Handle For KFA50DGD/75DGD Models only (Assembly time for this product is 3 minutes)

Smoke Detector Not Working, 4. Space Heater Too Close To Sofa, 5. Cigarette Burning While Sleeping . RESCUE . Author: Kristin Jonaitis Created Date:

Least three feet away from the heater, even if your space heater has safety features such as Never leave space heaters on while you’re sleeping. D E P A R T M E N T . CLASS 1 . Title: An early morning fire at local

Thank you for purchasing this CLARKE Mobile Gas Heater. This portable gas heater is designed to give safe, Never leave the heater alight while sleeping. 15.NEVER move, handle, oxygen in an enclosed space. The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are, headaches, dizziness and/or

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