Space Heater Aluminum Wiring

By | October 29, 2015

Connect electrical wires and groundwire to the heater per the appropri- ate wiring diagram on King Electrical Mfg. Co. will repair or replace without charge to the original owner any baseboard heater found A general rule of thumb is 10 Watts for every square foot of fl oor space.

Baseboard heater CB FEATURES: Convection Heat Ceramic Element Quiet Running Element: The Quick Wiring:superior performance comes from the proven technology of the ceramic thermal storage heater core. A 7/8" diameter aluminum

1) GENERAL INFORMATION This heater is a self-contained infrared radiant tube heater for use in locations where flammablegasesorvapors are not generally present (as defined by OSHA acceptable limits) and is intended for space heating of garages,

SECTION 23 83 00.00 20 ELECTRIC SPACE HEATING EQUIPMENT circuit for each heater.] 2.1.4 Wiring terminal strips, ready to receive branch circuit and control connections for 60 degrees C 140 degrees F[copper] [or] [aluminum] wiring.

WIRING DIAGRAM INDEX Typical Field Wiring — Electronic Programmable Thermostat, Sequence of Operation — When the space thermostat calls for cooling, copper-clad aluminum or aluminum conductors. 7. Terminals G/6,

wiring system Interior 110 volt convenience outlets One-piece aluminum window frames riveted to body Univolt marine water pump (capacity Sealed unit, side-vented gas space heater (input ratings: 18 foot Caravel, 9,000 B. T.U.;

— FOR SPACE-RAY TUBE HEATERS with easy-to-reach wiring terminals Easy to mount, fits flat on wall with one-inch recess in wiring box. To control one Space-Ray infrared tube heater with a 24V Thermostat. ORDERING INFORMATION

E-series Heater Options • 10-gallon fuel tank and • Espar D8 diesel fuel operated heater • 12V wiring to truck battery system • 110V plug-in connection • Weatherproof thermostat enclosure • Painted aluminum enclosure • Fuel pump and hoses • Recirculates cargo air for maximum

The Trane electric unit heater shows its flexibility in installation and operation. Intended for industrial, commercial or suitable for either copper or aluminum field wiring. A single power supply circuit shall be provided for all voltages thru 48 kW size heaters. UL, NEC and OSHA

• Low-profile housing with satin-finish aluminum grille extends only 2-3/4" from ceiling use 75ºC minimum house wiring • Two-Bulb Heater • IC rated Bulb Heater Fans. mounting a high capacity wall heater. 86W Line Voltage Wall Thermostat Snap action,

• Push connectors for quick and easy wiring Mini Radiant Heaters space is limited. Heating Element: Cartridge heater Heating Body: Die cast aluminum Connection: 5 pole terminal for 14 AWG (maximum) G/L1/N1: Heater

Space Heater • 2 and 4.5 kW • 6,824 and 15,354 Btuh • 208, 240, 277 and 480 Volt a rugged extruded aluminum housing at the focal point of a built-in polished aluminum Field Wiring is accomplished through a separate 3/4" conduit box provided. Dimensions (Inches)

Industrial Process Heaters Aluminum Anodizing ..PTFE or Quartz Aluminum Bright Dip ..PTFE or Quartz Aluminum Chloride ..PTFE or Quartz Aluminum Standard three-phase wiring

RBC-1 Overhead Radiant Space Heater • 1 – 2.5 kW • 3,412 – 8,530 Btuh • 120, 208, 240 Reflector — 0.050" polished aluminum for high radiant efficiency . Heating Elements Field Wiring — Includes moisture

Heaters 2500&C2500Series WARNING Installation, Operation & Maintenance HEATER W A L L W A L L MIN. 1” (25 mm) MIN. 6” (152 mm) HEATER DRAPES Figure2:ClearanceforDrapery Example1 Example2 Wiring compartment cover Screw Table2:NetVolumesofWiringCompartment CUBIC CUBIC DESCRIPTION

V. WIRING THE UNIT: A. These rugged and reliable hydronic wall mounted space heaters are another in a long line The Toester 11/13 WM unit heater is a forced air hot water space heater suitable for connection to hot water supply at any pressure up to

WIRING DIAGRAM INDEX Typical Field Wiring — Electronic Programmable Thermostat, Sequence of Operation — When the space thermostat calls for cooling, copper-clad aluminum or aluminum conductors. 7. Terminals G/6,

Residential electric water heaters If you have any questions or doubts consult your electric company. If wiring from your fuse box or circuit breaker box was aluminum for your old water heater, replace it with copper wire.

Beacon/Morris TWIN-FLOIII ® HEATER GENERAL DESCRIPTION TWIN-FLO III heaters are for use with forced hot water residential heating systems and consist of a copper tube, aluminum fi nned heating element, installed for the kick space heater.

space, the Suntube Compact Heater assures warm, Decorative Aluminum Grill with 1/2” x 1/2” grid cells External terminal board for easy field wiring of thermostat Power Consumption: 72 VA Pre-purge time: 15 seconds. Post-purge time:

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