Space Heater Allergies

By | October 29, 2015

From an unventilated conventional kerosene space heater commonly used in Iran. A brand new common convective kerosene space heater, the “Aladdin,” was used for this study. allergies, asthma, lung cancer, skin cancer, and even death at

A Checklist for Parents and Providers Every child with asthma has a written plan on file, listing allergies and asthma triggers, medication schedule, fireplace or space heater that produces particles or fumes that irritate sensitive

Type of heating: Forced air Steam Electric Space heater Baseboard Other: Type of Air Conditioning: Central Window Do you have an: a. AIR CLEANER? Central Window Unit b. Have you missed any work or school due to your allergies and/or asthma? If YES, how much time in the past 12 months?

Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology Questionnaire INSTRUCTIONS: Carefully complete in full. Food Allergies: 1.) Gas Electric Space heater Forced air Wood heat Humidifier Vaporizer Filters and

Phone book (Circle one) Yellow pages AT&T/The Real Yellow Pages Radio Space heater Fireplace No heating FAMILY HISTORY: Mother’s History Good health Environment allergies Asthma Severe allergic reactions Recurrent infections Deceased

Home Heater Safety . Many Texans try to stay warm by using portable heating equipment in their homes. Unfortunately, many discover that using heaters carelessly can cause serious damage,

(e.g. headache, dry throat, dry or runny eyes, allergies) Too drafty Too noisy Too dry Other (smells detected, lack of air circulation) 94% 91% 25% (heating) and 73 degrees Fahrenheit (cooling). As long as the space temperature is in this range, no action is taken. Initiated more central

Wall / Space Heater Fireplace Wall to Wall Carpeting Area Rug Wood Tile/ Linoleum Regular Feather Air Bed Water bed Foam or Pad Feather Synthetic Windows Other # Bed Room Indoor Outdoor Cats Dogs Birds IV. Food Allergies: (List foods including severe reactions, rashes, mouth itching,

Space heater Baseboard Other: Type of air conditioning: a. Central Window Do you have an: Air purifier? Central Have you missed any work or school due to your allergies and/or asthma? If YES, how much time in the past 12 months? Patient Name:

Food Allergies SEE BELOW Immune Defect (frequent or recurrent infections) (Forced hot air, hot water, steam space heater, Do you have air conditioning? _____ baseboard, electric ceiling). Do you allergy_history_form_with_logo.PDF

Patient Name: _____ DOB: _____ Referring Physician: Food Allergies -Anaphylaxis shock steam, space heater, baseboard, electric ceiling, heat pump, wood stove, pellet stove) Do you have air conditioning? Yes No Do you have an air cleaner?

And aggravation of allergies and respiratory problems, such as asthma. proper ventilation should reduce the risk of such problems. champion international corporation extremely hot during water heater and furnace operation. do nottouch

Your Questions Answered Q. Can I use my existing hot water tank? A. The Lifebreath Clean Air Furnace requires a water heater to operate. Since the water heater will be the source of

The LIFESMART Infrared Heater Consumes 75% LESS energy to heat the same fact you can uses your gas hot water heater and stay warm for under the 40,000 BTUs the Gas furnace consumes. and most allergies. Second

allergies? Y N DK 1b. Has anyone in the household been diagnosed and/or hospitalized with asthma? Y N DK . 2. If you have a gas hot water heater, have you checked the flame and made sure it is properly vented? Y N DK 7g.

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