Sealey Space Heater Ab458

By | October 30, 2015

PARTS FOR: SPACE WARMER PARAFFIN / DIESEL HEATERS MODELS: AB458.V2 / AB708.V2 / AB7081.V2 NOTE: It is our policy to continually improve products and as such we reserve the right to alter data, specifications and component parts without prior notice.

SPACE WARMER PARAFFIN / KEROSENE / DIESEL HEATERS MODEl No's: AB70P, AB125P and AB160P Thank you for purchasing a Sealey Heater. Manufactured to a high standard this product will, if used according to these instructions and properly maintained,

InstructIons for: SPACE WARMER PARAFFIN / kERoSENE / dIESEL HEATERS thank you for purchasing a sealey product. 6.1 To START THE HEATER (AB458). 6.1.1 fill the tank with fuel until the fuel gauge points to "f". Do not overfill.

AB458, AB708, AB7081 Issue No: 1 – 01/05/08 INstructIoNs for: SPACE WARMER PARAFFIN/ dIESEL HEATERS thank you for purchasing a sealey product.

Sealey Safety Baseball Bump Cap SSP1604 Paint Spray Respirator Deluxe Model SSP1604FP Space Warmer® Propane Heater 166,546-370,934Btu/hr 110/230V Concertina Panel Stand Spray Booth Stand 0.652 5.310 7.150 8.880 0.316 0.004 4.255 4.920 8.140 58.530 2000LJ

ab458 ab708 ab7081 ab1008ss 540 ab1758ss ab7081ss ab100e 541 ab1500q ab2200q ab70e ir20 542 ir37 ir55 ch4200 543 lp13 lp14 lph125 lph35 lp100 544 lp100s lp40 lp40s lp50 lp50s lp150 545 lp150s lp200 lp290 lp370 ifsh1809lr 546 ifsh1809r ifsh2003 ihs1 ihs2 iwmh1809lr iwmh1809r iwmh1500 547 iwmh2003

The Sealey AB heaters will Model Code AB458 Fuel Diesel Voltage 230V Max Capacity (Kw) 13 1 / 2. Carriage Free UK Mainland Special price while stocks last Product Pricing Item Name Product Description Price AB458 45000 Btu/hr Paraffin/Diesel Space Heater £228.33 ex vat £274.00 inc vat

Diesel Space Heater 70,000Btu/hr Paraffin/Kerosene/ Diesel Space Heater Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Wheels AB458 45,000 13.2 19ltr 14hr 249mtr³/8,800ft³ 230V Save 43% Inc VAT Exc £129.95 VAT £155.94 Save 36% Save 37% Save 36% Inc VAT

PARTS FOR: SPACE WARMER PARAFFIN / DIESEL HEATERS MODELS: AB458 / AB708 / AB7081 01284 757500 01284 703534 Sole UK Distributor Sealey Group,

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$ 29.95

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