Rinnai 2001 Space Heater

By | October 31, 2015

Rinnai 2001 space heater. 2001 > Heats up to 53 m2. 2 speed fan. > 6 temperature settings. > Inbuilt or console. > Available in beige or brown. BONUS RINNAI $150^ EFTPOS GIFT CARD. BONUS RINNAI $100^ EFTPOS GIFT CARD. INSTALLED FROM $2,499 2 RUN OUT

Rinnai’s extensive range of gas flued space heaters combines cosy radiant warmth with the superior quality and reliability Australians have come to depend on.

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HeaTeR PaRTs space heaters PART 1317340 Bonaire Pyrox Electrode Spark and Sensor PART 1317343 Bonaire Pyrox Ignition Kit with Electrodes Rinnai 2001 Space Heater Radiant PART 1319214 Rinnai 2001 Control Knob PART 2500318 Rinnai 412 417 318 Solenoid Coil PART 2501317

2001 Space Heater (2001IN, 2001IMBN, 2001CN, 2001CMBN) $300 : Spectrum Space Heater (SPEIN, SPEIMBN, SPECN, SPECMBN) $300 . Slimfire Flame Fire (SIBN, SIBSN)

Any space taken up by grille louvers should be subtracted from the total area to find the free area of the vent. As the purchaser of this high quality Rinnai Water Heater you are provided with the following conditional warranty.

Rinnai Australia 1 Operation Manual Your Rinnai Continuous Flow water heater has been certified by the Australian Gas Association. The A.G.A. Certification Number is shown on the data plate.

Rinnai water heater is not of the gas type that the 2001-5200 ft (610-1585 m) 5201-7700 ft (1585-2347 m) 7701-10200 ft necessary BTU input for the desired space heating application. Rinnai water heaters are designed to maintain a

Generic Heating Features & Functions There are many differingfeatures that are available with Rinnai gas heating appliances. The following pages give an overview of

Effective:09/07/14 Supercedes:30/04/13 Version 9 REH-301EB-1A REH-301EB-1B REH-301EC-1A NO Part Name RA Part Number 11 Digit Code Inbuilt – Beige Inbuilt –

Introduced to the portable water used for space heating. – The Rinnai Water Heater, if it will be used as a potable water source, must not be connected to a system that was previously used with a nonpotable water heating appliance.

Apply online at rinnai.com.au Make the Switch There has never been a better time to make the switch from Electric to Gas Heating! UP $200 Cashback!

2001-5200 ft (610-1585 m Iron components may oxidize creating rust that will clog the inlet filter of the Rinnai water heater. Space heating applications are Period of coverage is reduced to 3 years from date of purchase if the Rinnai water heater temperature setting

Water heating plus space heating, radiant floor heating or other applications requiring a recirculating hot water loop. heater with an internal helical heat exchanger, similar to the design of A. O. Smith’s industry-leading Cyclone

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