Radiant Space Heater

By | October 31, 2015

1) GENERAL INFORMATION This heater is a self-contained infrared radiant tube heater for use in locations where flammablegasesorvapors are not generally present (as defined by OSHA acceptable limits) and is intended for space heating of garages,

Direct heat from the radiant plaques quickly warms people and objects in VSHRN18M 18K Infrared Gas Space Heater Natural Gas 6,600-12,000-18,000 Manual 25 lbs. HearthSpace Heaters by FMI PRODUCTS, LLC

Using a portable electric space heater is one of the most expensive ways to heat your home. At today’s prices, electric heat costs five times as much per BTU

1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Portable propane radiant heaters are often referred to as camp heaters since the heaters were originally designed for use during outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and fishing.

EHS 9/2015 Approved Space Heaters In order to ensure that all space heaters meet current safety guidelines, the University Fire Department and the

Form #43155260 –2– Mar–05 (FOR CANADA ONLY) 1.0) GENERAL INFORMATION This heater is a self-contained infrared radiant tube heater for use in locations where flammable gases or vapors are not

SPACE HEATER ARCTIC (SHA) The SHA is a 28KBTU heater that is designed to provide heat for the 10 man arctic tent and other tentage with floor area between 100 & 200 square feet.

Approved Space Heaters . 1. Dayton oil filled flat panel heater. Grainger Order #1VNX3 . 400 watts 3.3 amps . 2. Dayton Radiant Flat Panel Heater. Grainger Order #1VNY1

1 Over the last several years there has been increasing interest across the poultry industry in infrared radiant tube heating for poultry houses.

IB35RBN/US IB35RBL/US Gas Radiant Space Heater Owners Operation and Installation Manual Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.

INFRARED RADIANT HEATER. SUBMITTAL ♦ DK 1 Jul-13 1) Where unvented infrared heaters are used, warrants to the original owner of any Space-Ray infrared gas heater that said heater will be free from defects in material or workmanship under normaluseandservice.

Wall heater PAW FEATURES But the best feature of this trendsetting heater is how quiet it is. overload shall remain open until manually reset by turning the heater off for fifteenminutes. Automatic reset of thermal overloads, which

Space Heater Safety: Using Kerosene and Propane . EEM-00253. Safety. Safety is a top consideration when using space heat-ers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

HYDRONIC SPACE HEATING SYSTEM EXPANSION TANK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS SIZES 2 THROUGH 86 GALLON Many safety-related messages and instructions have been provided in this manual and on your own water heater to warn you and ot hers For best installation,

If you are building a new home, you might consider radiant floor heating, which uses hot water circ u l a t e d t h r ough piping built into the floor, or a combination space heating and water heating system, which uses one

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