Pthp Space Heater

By | October 28, 2015

25°F., heat is provided by the electric heater in the air conditioner instead of by the heat pump. HIGH COOL and LOW COOLprovide cooling with Zoneline too soon after turning it off or if you adjust the thermostat right after the compressor has shut off.

Universal Heater/ Power Cord Removable / Cleanable Filters effected space. The new Remington PTAC/PTHP unit has revolutionized the industry with its superior options and innovations, bringing you the highest quality air conditioners in the

space in your building. The Applied PTAC/PTHP 16" x 44" replacement unit provides Heater shall be open wire type with quick response and high limit cutout. Heaters shall be sized to meet heating requirements as shown on the schedule.

PTAC/PTHP Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps (800) 432-1342 * See specification table above for heater availability by model size. ** Available in size 12 and 15 only. build-up in the conditioned space. *When compared to the standard cool mode at 50% load. Easy slide-in

space with our slim unit front, which has a sleek heater or the hydronic heater. PTHP DRY Dehumid Cooler PTAC Features Code * PMC DigiAIR Cooler PTAC A Standard Model PMH DigiAIR Heat Pump PTAC C

Suite™ II PTAC/PTHP Conditioner 1-Motor and hydronic heater option. Shipped in a separate carton. 5. Motorized water/steam valve (hydronic only). 6. tem delivers cooling to the desired space. Heating can be ac-complished with electric resistance, hydronic or with reverse

Individual Space Heaters 2% | PTAC (2) 3% Heat Pumps 5% | Reciprocating Chillers 12% District Heat 7% | Rotary Screw Chillers 3% Unit Heater 18% | Absorption Chillers 2% PTHP & WLHP (1) 2% | Heat Pumps 7 Note(s): Source(s): 1) PTHP = Packaged Terminal Heat Pump, WLHP = Water Loop

Quiet control of space is a priority. This Replacement PTAC/ PTHP Chassis: Replaces Ice Cap 'RSK', IslandAire 'RK', Heater No. (wcu) VoltWattsBTU/hHTR Amps Total HTR Amps Min CKT Amps Max. Fuse Line Cord Electric Heat Ratings (optional)

Compressor crankcase heater (heat pumps) 22). Built in anti quiet control of space is a priority. This application flexible unit is a small footprint vertical configuration thru-the-wall air The Adirondack-Aire 'PIN' series vertical PTAC/PTHP offers the ease of installation

Ackaged Terminal Air Conditioner / Heat Pump 7,000 — 15,000 Btuh Installation and Operating Instructions space year round. This manual provides information for ease of electric heater are turned on and will warm the room to 50°F

Space Heatmg PTHP ._.M. , m,.. , .,,, . .. _., .__.. : ..,.,. ..® . . ,.-,0.2%._ , _, _, .,. .0.67 ^ ..,^..^.0.00 . ..,^..^,, . _,..^.^0.0 Ventilation„.,. Ventilation 76.9% 1.29 1.00 15.1,_,Water Heating_.._ ,.._. Water Heater mmm _ . .mm . 48.8% 0.63. ^..m

Applied Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner and Heat Pump. Replacement 16" × 44" Flat Top unit for eachIn 2008 McQuay is proud to continue our tradition space in your building. Heater shall be open wire type with quick response and high limit cutout.

Heating with Electricity Produced by the Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency EnerGuide space, a radiant space heatercan actually act as an effective auxiliary heating system, lowering the overall heat require-

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