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By | October 29, 2015

ELECTRIC MOTOR HEATER. One Omega Drive | Stamford, CT 06907 | 1-888-TC-OMEGA (1-888-826-6342) | More than 100,000 Products Available! CANADA Laval(Quebec) 1-800-TC-OMEGA UNITED KINGDOM

Section 7 Part 1 Page 1 / 2 Date 09/07 Application Manual for NEMA Motors Space Heaters Space heaters are used to maintain internal air temperature above the dewpoint during

See the space heater nameplate on motor for heater rating. WARNING: Therefore, motor selection, installation, operation, and maintenance must be carefully considered to ensure against the following conditions: (1) Motor load exceeds service

Burning Used Oil in a Space Heater – For Businesses . What is the used oil specification? If you accept used oil from a business to burn in your space

Electrical Engineering Design Criteria 10.4.1 Introduction Project design, engineering, Heaters will be located and insulated so they do not damage motor components or finish. Space heater leads will be stranded copper cable with 600 volt insulation and shall include

Motor starts and runs but space heater does not ignite Space heater ignites but ignition control assembly shuts space heater off after a short period of time. No fuel in tank. Pump pressure incorrect. Dirty fuel filter. Obstruction in nozzle.

Rotor Replacement Instructions Never service heater while it is plugged in, operating or hot. Severe burns and electrical shock can occur. 1. Unplug heater. Install new rotor with insert facing motor. 8. Adjust gap between rotor & pump body to 0.003" to

03000000 Space Heater manual (Pg. 3) The installation of these appliances is to be in accordance with CAN/CGA-B149.1 and National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI 10 23305030 MNT PLATE F/SPACE HTR 1 11 11000067 MOTOR 1/3 HP 110-230V/ 1 – 13000067 MOTOR TURBO FAN 230V/5 – 12 13008075

Spareparts MASTER HEATERS MODEL 150 CEB 150,000 Btu/Hr Model ILLUSTRATED PARTS BREAKDOWN 1/18 Motor and Pump Assembly Burner Head Assembly All spares available from

INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL SPACE HEATER Please note that the motor on this unit requires 20 amps. Ensure appropriate gauge extension cord is used. If heater fails to ignite after 3 attempts call your supplier for service. TO SHUT DOWN:

Motor space heaters One heater is installed in each end of motor. Leads for each heater are labeled H1 & H2. (Like numbers should be tied together). explosion proof motor to maintain it’s UL/CSA listing. 1. Disassemble the motor.

MH-175T-KFA, MH-215T-KFA Pro Temp: PT-45-KFA, PT-70T-KFA, PT HS-175T-KFA, HS-215T-KFA REMINOTON This is the Breakdown only, not a manual. Space Heater Parts, Inc. 2 19-242-8778 586 Keldon Court Motor and Pump Assembly Motor Pump Body Rotor Kit Blade End Pump

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