Clarke Xr155 Space Heater

By | October 30, 2015

Booster Starter (Clarke) Trimming knife XR155 Spanner Adjustable Set 3 Piece Tin Snips 10" Cotter Pin Set 555 Piece CHT311 Fuse Set 120 Piece (Automotive) CHT312 Space Heater Grinder 115 mm Angle Grinder 110VOLT D28113K Power Inverter CI200 CHT298 CHT292 CHT281 PRO65 CHT263

Thank you for purchasing this CLARKE, Paraffin fired Space Heater. This range of portable heaters is designed for industrial applications only

clarke 200kg 52/01 52/05 steak 52/06 7 piece kitchen 52/06a 6 piece kitchen ( messer ) 52/43 s.41/7 boot w/lining 52/13 castor wheels 4in swivel & brake 52/44 rigger boot s.42/8 fur lined brown 52/45 s.43/9 fur lined brown 52/46 s.44/10 fur lined brown 52/46a

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$ 29.95

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